Established 1926
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Tel: 07789 980162

Welcome to Old Sulians' Rugby Football Club
(Affiliated to R.F.U. and the S.C.R.F.U.)
Tribute Somerset 1 League
Where to find us ...

Team Photographs
4th May 2007, Old Sulians v

Stothert & Pitt (Bath Combination Plate Final)
New players always welcome at any level
Training has started

Training every Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 pm

Head Coach Tom Shaw
Assistant Coach Mike Richardson

You know you want to but just don't know which club to join.
Your looking is over.
What ever the reason,

Old Sulians' is the club for you.

Latest Information ...
Hawsey Skydive
Sunday, 22nd May

Hawsey is doing a tandem skydive on 22nd May, why you may well ask. The answer is, mainly to try to raise some money for his friend Zap (Michael Zapparoli). For those of you who donít know Zap, Hawes played rugby with him for 20 years. On the 13th July 2015 his life took a tragic turn for the worse. Zap collapsed to the floor at his rented home barely able to move any part of his body but just able to make a call for help on his phone. For several days he had been complaining of terrible pains in the back of his neck. He is suffering from a very rare illness where a bacterial infection caused an abscess in his spinal column at the back of his neck. Surgery to drain the abscess was successful, unfortunately too late to prevent damage to the nerves in his spinal system. As a result he became severely paralysed and is now facing a long road to recovery.
Here is the link to his Go Fund Me site where you can sponsor me, with the money going directly to his fund. Although his fund is going well, we need to ensure that money issues are as far down the list as possible in his many challenges to come.

Any information that you want to put here contact Slappy
(Or use the message board)